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EMISK Sea Foods, Tastiie

Tastiie is the registered trade mark for EMISK sea foods range.
Tastiie is made from seafood of various species. The seafood is hygienically processed, deliciously spiced and very nutritious. The attractive packaging protects the products from pest infestation and direct human contact especially in the open markets and during transportation.

Tastiie comes in the following variants:

1. Tastiie Chunks – Dried Catfish chunks
2. Tastiie Delight – Dried Catfish rings

Tastiie Chunks and Tastiie Delight are made from pond grown catfish which have been properly gutted, stone free, deliciously spiced and ready to eat. They come in approximately 300g packs and 20packs in each carton.

Other products:

* Tastiie Cods – Dried Stock fish fillets
* Tastiie Crayfish – Dried, cleaned crayfish

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